Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Half marathon!

I ran my first half marathon! It was great! The course was a bit loopy, but all in all it was a nice run. I ran with my friend Melinda and we made good time. We stopped to pee half way through and also stopped for some photos. My knee is a bit wonky after all the "rolling hills" and I am resting up for my second half marathon on Sunday. Wish me luck that my knee holds up!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Just trying out a new app.

My uniform... and wish list

I had a whole entry typed about how my weekend runs have been great and our long runs have increased to 11 miles. Although the two of you that read this have already read it on Daily Mile I'm sure. lol So Sunday I come home from my run and Uptown was awake. Usually he is still asleep cause he works until 3AM on weekends. I walk in the door and pass the couch and am heading upstairs and he says "Why are you dressed like an anime character?" I laughed (and secretly loved the comment) I explained to him why I was wearing a hodgepodge of clothing. It's too cold for just my running skirt, so I layer with the pants. I would wear just the pants, but they don't have pockets. I need a pocket to carry my phone. I am too cold to wear just one long sleeved shirt, so I wear a raspberry shirt layered with a shiny blue tight sweatshirt. (Think speed skater) I'll take a picture later and you can get the full effect. I have exactly one skirt that has acceptable pockets, two shirts that work, so basically I wash my running "uniform" every night. I am hoping that for Christmas Uptown decided to expand my running wardrobe. I am lusting after several items. Want to know what they are? Of course you do!All of these are from SkirtSports


Item #2

I NEED these! Size Small please.
OK since it is not safe to run in all black clothing I think I should also get...

Of course it would only take two seconds for me to spill coffee on this and ruin it.

Anyway I love the clothes at this site! So Uptown if you are reading this... there is my wish list.

What are your favorite running stores/clothes. I love spending time drooling over clothes. Send me some links!