Friday, August 5, 2011


When I get upset, I exercise. When someone hurts me, I exercise. I really feel like I should thank the people that hurt and upset me, because they are pushing me harder than I would push myself. I have transformed myself on the negative thoughts of other people. I wish them all the best in all of their endeavors, and please.... keep pissing me off!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I am so confused about this whole fueling thing! I want someone to tell me how many calories to eat in a day to melt this thin layer of fat from hiding my kick ass six pack! I have logged my workouts and my food intake and generally I have a hard time not coming up negative in the calorie department. I would love to take nutrition classes, but that is just not in the cards currently. I AM looking into getting certified to be a personal trainer, but I feel like I need/want to round it out with the fueling side of things. Just a random thought I had and thought I'd share with my 8 readers. I'm not sure that anyone is reading since I abandoned the blog awhile ago, but I'll try to keep things a bit more up to date.

My biyearly posting

I suck at this whole blogging thing! I'm still exercising daily and my shin is feeling better, but still flares up every once in awhile. I took 8 weeks off from running (painful) and started walking to try to shed that last pesky 10 pounds. I have shed nothing. I am satisfied with where I am, but I know I can do better. I did the Warrior dash this past Sunday and it was fun! I have big plans for the fall... let's hope that my leg cooperates.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

End of challenge 1

So yesterday marked the end of challenge #1 I am very happy with my results! So far I've lost 5 inches total! I have gone from barely being able to do 5 push ups to being able to complete 78 without modifying. I am able to do 7 chin ups. I can see my body getting stronger and feel it getting stronger. Challenge #2 started yesterday. I forgot to do measurements yesterday, but did them this AM.

Here is what we have

beginning                                     now
Bust    35                                       35

Chest  31 1/2                              31 1/2

Hips    39                                     37

Waist  29                                     28

Thigh   23 1/2                               22 1/2

Bicep   11                                    11 1/2

Calves  14                                    13 1/2

Pictures to come (as that is part of the challenge)

Off for some breakfast!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

18 miles

Yesterday Mel and I decided to do our long run of 18 miles. I took Paxton (almost 2 year old) in the double jogging stroller. I never really gave it much thought about the stroller and the distance. So we started on our run, and it felt great! We go to our halfway point and turned around and head back. we get to about mile 12-13 and I realize I hadn't really eaten anything. Luckily I had an apple and some crackers in the stroller. So we keep on trucking and realize it is getting pretty late, and dark. The sky started looking kind of ominous and it hit us, we were tired... really tired. Paxton started crying and it was getting colder. At around mile 14-15 we started speed walking. When we finally got back to our cars my knees were killing me!

What I learned? Eat before I run. Better time management. Do NOT bring a 2 year old in a stroller on a long run! DO NOT run out of ALEVE!

In other news my bodyrocking is going VERY well. I am LOVING the workouts! Today is my off day. Tomorrow I'm back to bodyrock if my knees will cooperate. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


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Eggs, guacamole,salsa, cheese, fake Bacon. Don't forget the coffee. Yum!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

eggs and toast

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no pics cause I ate it all.

I ate a bunch of cake Matt brought home, then in a moment of clarity threw the rest in the trash.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

happy Valentines day!

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Mmm lunch!

2egg whites, 2 eggs, pinch of cheese, black beans, and salsa. 2 slices of cinnamon toast.
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It's empty cause we ate it all. Lol Parker and I ate the whole bag. At least it wasn't a 1lb bag.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yeah, I had pizza.
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2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 2 pieces if cinnamon toast, 3 pieces of fake Bacon. Parker and Paxton helped. Also that is a salad plate, not a dinner plate.
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Daily eats.

My friend Jess read a passage in a book that said that people that take pictures of what they ate, lost more weight than people that wrote down what they ate. So along with the 30 day challenge I'll be adding a photo diary of my diet. Nothing held back. Here we go!
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Monday, February 7, 2011


Today I did the GAGA for poker face workout. I followed that up with ab work, then ran in my basement for a little over 40 minutes. It is the first time I have run in almost 2 weeks. MAN ALIVE I love running. Diet was pretty good today. I'm ready for bed!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week one, done!

So I mentioned I was starting another challenge. It's 30 days. The first couple of days I did Jillian Michael's Shred video. It's a great workout. It's only 20 minutes, and it combines strength training, cardio, and abs. I did level 2 for the first 2 days then I did level 1 the following day. The only problem I have with the video is if you do level one every day, you are doing the same moves every day. So I started thinking about that, and I have been following the workouts. I have been too afraid to try them. Then I decided to just try it, what did I have to lose, other than weight? So Tuesday I started out with The Ass busting workout. WOW My throat was on fire, I could barely breathe, my shoulders were on fire. It was awesome! Wednesday I did the marine-corps-workout from  This as INTENSE! I'm hooked! Plus if I can get even a little bit close to loking like Zuzana, then Hell yes! On to Thursday... I did another BR workout. legs-cardio-challenge it's amazing what a chair can do! My legs were like jello. Trying to climb the stairs from the basement was difficult. I still loved it! Friday I did another of Zuzana and Freddy's workouts, the  legs-on-fire-exercise-challenge was appropriately named!  Today I did new-300-rep-workout then I ate a bunch of crap food and felt guilty, so I did Jillian Michaels after the kids went to bed. It's been a great week! I'm going to try to be a bit more on top of things blog wise. So 7 days down 23 to go! (but the plan is to not stop, and then ultimately look INCREDIBLE in a bikini, then OUTSTANDING in a wedding dress! Good plan huh?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Before pictures

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Pictures? Done.


Bust = 35"
Chest = 31 1/2"
Hips = 39 "
Waist= 29"
*edited because I'm a mess. My hips are certainly NOT 29" lol*

Thigh = 23 1/2"

Bicep = 11"
Calves = 14"

OK so my goal is to lose a couple of inches off the hip and thigh area, and tone everywhere. I want definition.
The challenge starts on Jan 30th and goes to Feb 28th. I'm ready!

New Challenge (yes, again)

     It is that time of year again, when bikini season approaches, and there is still time to get that body I so desire. So yet again I take on another challenge. This time it is a 30 day shred challenge. Basically it is a "work out for 20 minutes a day for 30 days" challenge. I have a 3 month membership to a gym, so there should be no excuses for me to not be able to complete this challenge. While I am still attempting to train for a marathon that is coming up in April, this will be an added bonus. I will also be posting before pictures and measurements. Since there is only one or two readers on this blog I don't really care if you see my less than fabulous, made entirely by cookies, body. In fact I think it helps hold me more accountable if I post pictures. I've been using an app on my android phone that is a huge help (when I use it) with counting calories, and keeping track of what I eat. My fitness pal is easy to use. You can input your weight and how much you want to lose, gain, or maintain, then it gives you a calorie count for the day. You can choose your calorie count, or let it assign one depending on your goals. You can use the barcode scanner to enter your foods, or type them into a search box. As you enter in your foods it counts down your calories. I LOVE that it counts them down, for some reason this is so much easier for me. You can also enter in your exercise and it will update your calories. I've had a hard time trying to figure out how to manage running and exercising and how much I should be eating. This seems to make sense and help me keep track of how much I should be eating with my workouts. 
     On Thursday I have a meeting with a personal trainer for an introduction to the gym. I wonder if they will do a body fat analysis. I have never had one done, and I am very curious what my percentage is currently. So with new measurements, new pictures, and a new challenge I officially start my bikini season countdown.