Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm losing count

I have been a bad, bad girl. I have not been good with the diet side of my eight4 days. I have planned out some meals for this week coming up. I can feel a difference in my body and I am happy with my results so far. Today I picked up a pair of pants that usually I can just barely get into and they slid on and buttoned with ease. I was very excited about this. One thing I was not too excited about was that I bought a skirt not too long ago and I tried it on and it fell to the floor. So yay on I have lost weight and I am toning, but boo on my skirt not fitting. Double edged sword?  I'll find a seamstress. I can feel my abs getting stronger, and my arms are looking stronger, it's my butt. it looks a lot better, but there is still a lot of work to do. My friend L is letting me borrow her P90X, and I am excited about it. Her fiancee offered to "train" us and while I don't think she is up for that I would love someone to hold me accountable. I would like someone to bootcamp train me. I use to go to a body boot camp class and I LOVED it! Apparently it worked, cause I got pregnant shortly after that class. lol
Let me say that at L's house last night I weighed myself and the scale has not changed. I am happy that my clothes are fitting differently, cause otherwise I would be really upset. Nope not the case. Feeling good!

So yeah, I did day 9 of Jillian Michaels tonight and she is finding new ways of kicking my ass.. literally... one of the moves was Butt kicks... run and kick your own butt for one minute. Not so bad. Then came the pike crunches. I almost threw up. Seriously. basically it is plank position with an exercise ball. your legs are on the ball, you pull your hips up toward the ceiling and roll the ball toward your head, then roll back to plank.. all the while keeping your arms steady. YOW!!!!!!!!! only 25 and I wanted to vomit. I didn't, but it hurt!
The other move that hurt? I forget what they were called.. let's call them death lunges. So you start in a lunge position then you jump in the air and switch legs and land ready for another lunge.. immediately lunge and then jump and switch legs. I think we did 20 of those. Harder than they sound. Some of the moves require a machine. I could just see me now at the gym with my Jillian Michaels book and reading, in that nerdy way that I do, and trying to figure out those machines.
I once sat backwards on a machine and my friend M laughed so hard and loud that the entire gym saw me sitting backwards. It was a good day. lol I miss going to a gym, but Uptown and I are buying a house so we can get the whole family under one roof, all our money is going toward our house.
I taught my yoga class today. I am wishing I could teach adult classes, but I am not certified to teach adults. Maybe I should work on that? I love yoga!
ok Off to bed so I can get up and work with kids... at a Buddhist temple. I love my random jobs, all of which revolve around children.
nighty night

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The eyes have it!

I finally got off my butt last night and rolled out my yoga mat. I started in on yogaX and about 10 sun salutations in I rubbed my right eye, then my left. I noticed my eyes felt dry and like they were pink eye-ish. I didn't really care too much as I have some pink eye stuff left over from our last encounter. So I pressed on and finished all 90 minutes of yoga. Damn it felt good! My eye however did NOT. It felt funny and tight. So I took Pax from Uptown and went about shutting down the house for bedtime. Have I mentioned I do all of my workouts after 9 PM? I think I have. It makes for fantastic sleep. Anyway I walked upstairs and into the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my bedtime routine. I rounded the corner and I immediately looked at my eye to see how bad the pink eye was. OH HO it was NOT pink eye! My eyes were swollen! It looked awful! It was mostly the inside corners of my eyes, which made my nose swell a bit too. I looked quite funny!

I took some benedryl and them my tongue and throat went numb. I immediately started freaking out! I thought my throat was going to close and I was going to die in my sleep. (I'm a bit of a drama queen) I went to bed wondering if yoga mats had latex in them. I fell asleep very quickly because of the benedryl. I woke up and my eyes were really swollen, down to my cheekbones and up to my brow bones. I looked awful! Anyway I think my eyes are finally going back to normal. They still feel tight, but nothing like this morning!
 I know, my eyes look crossed and my nose looks funny. I guess I can't use this picture for my modeling application! lol

I had originally planned on doing yoga tonight, but decided to repeat day 1 of Jillian. I need to figure out the yoga mat thing, since I am teaching yoga on Saturdays. This could be a problem. On several different occasions my hands have gotten itchy and swollen, but it's not usually that bad. Maybe I should just not rub my eyes? Hopefully it will be ok until I get a new yoga mat. I'll have to add it to my wish list.
In other news which has nothing to do with working out, but it does directly effect it, Uptown and I are house hunting. I LOVE looking at houses. If I could choose a bunch of different professions I would choose to be a Realtor, a stylist, a chiropractor, masseuse and a personal trainer. Maybe someday I will go ahead and attain all of those goals. In the meantime I will just go to all of those that have already attained those goals.
Off to look at houses online and drool.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I need some motivation! Jillian says take days 6 and 7 off. I am not listening to her. I think I am going to take on yogaX. I just need someone to get me out of this chair. I think the seat is actually shaped like my butt.

Yoga yoga yoga yoga......

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday funday end of week 5

Uptown had off this weekend. It was lovely! He gets one weekend a month off. We started house hunting this weekend and I felt like I have gotten to a point where I deserved to enjoy a weekend with my man. So I ATE. I mean I ATE! I had cookies, I had french fries, and most importantly I ate some raspberry white chocolate cheesecake! I don't regret one bite!

I will say this. The more sugar I ate.. the more awful I felt. Not guilty.. nah... I mean the stuffy head, headaches, sluggishness, ugh. I am also going to say in all caps

SUGAR IS ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like a crack addict. I can easily eat a dozen large sugar cookies, no problem. Then I will crave more!

ok with that said... tomorrow I am back on my BFL diet. It is time. I don't know if I want to lose too much more, but I want to tone more.. build some more muscle.
I did day 5 of Jillian's workout.. she is still kickin me while I'm down.
I'm telling you .. it's the burpy's and the squat thrusts, and those AWFUL mountain climbers. You are suppose to do 1 min of mountain climbers... I can't so it. I have to stop and take a couple second break. By the end of this I will do 1 consecutive minute of those damn mountain climbers!
I forget what week I am on... week 6? So two more weeks for me to make a difference from the last photo? If week 8 falls in the beginning of the months I might wait a week to take my pictures... it makes a big difference. Ladies you know what I'm talking about!
I am talking about a 5-7lb weight gain. I am assuming it is water weight, but whatever it is.. I am bloated and not svelte lol

off to bed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making The Cut

So the other day in Target I was browsing the store, just roaming around and thought "OOOOH I am going to look at Bridal magazines" So I walked over to the magazine section and on the way I glanced at a book with a sexy tough looking woman on the front. Now I have never watched The Biggest Loser, so I really didn't know who Jillian Michaels was. I mean I have heard of her, and I have seen her before, but I didn't know she was a bad ass! I picked up the book to see if there were some more exercises that I could do at home without going to a gym. INDEED! So I bought the book
That night I got sick.
I didn't get a chance to try out any of the exercises, but I did sit down and start reading it as I moaned about my stomach roiling and rumbling. ugh! Last night I did a BFL lower body workout and added a cross lunge in between each regular lunge. (OWWWW!!!!!!)
Tonight Uptown and I celebrated Valentines Day and went to a Mongolian BBQ place called Genghis Khan. It is our favorite place. I loaded up a big plate and dove in. I had a great glass of shiraz and an iced tea. It was a perfect meal. I had some little lemon square things and then came home and blew it with some ice cream. The first thing I did after I realized I ate way too much ice cream was do laundry.. THEN I went to my Jillian Michaels book and decided I should give it a try.


I almost threw up. This is one of the first workouts that has made me feel like I am totally out of shape! Burpy's! um... F*&$ you!

Let me just say...... NOT A FAN! Now I love me some plank pose, but the plank push up kicks my butt every time.. and Jillian tells you right off the bat.. "Girly' push-ups? I don't even want to hear it - toughen up or go buy someone else's book "
SO I decided to actually try to do "plank" push ups. She calls them, yes she.. Jillian.. we are on a first name basis now. That happens when someone kills you and makes you their bitch. Anyway My BFF calls them Close-Grip push ups. I can lower myself down and hold it, but pushing myself back up, is like a whale trying to get into a pair of skinny jeans. all that noise and flopping about! Anyway I fought my way through 5, yeah yeah... then a couple of plank poses with inner thigh raises where I pulled my groin muscleS, then ANOTHER FIVE Close Grip push ups.

I think the lesson for tonight is that Jillian knew I ate ice cream and drank wine and she busted me and I had to pay.. big time!
Tomorrow I am going to do day 2 of her workout. I am a big fan of mixing it up!
If you don't hear from me for awhile Call Jillian....I'll be locked in her gym bag begging for mercy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 5

Week 5 progress!

OK so on Friday I ended up getting some sort of stomach flu or something. I did NOT follow the BFL diet. I ate ritz crackers and gingerale for like 3 days. I felt AWFUL! So is that a cheat? whatever it was it felt horrid!
So also since I took pictures  I decided to go ahead and do measurements. I hope my reader or two didn't think I was going to go crazy and start working out all day. Nah, I was disappointed for half a day, then I got over it. I FEEL good. Regardless of what anyone might not see, I feel like I am making progress.. and that is what is important.

ok ok measurements. Please realize I am not sure if I am measuring correctly or not...
                             1/11         2/16
Chest                    37"            35"
biceps                   11             10.5
forearms               8.5               8.5       
waist                     30              28
hips                       37              36
thighs                    23.5           21
calves                    13              12.75


So I am back on schedule and in 3 weeks I'll post more pictures!

Also, thank you so much for the comments! You made my night!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Stupid questions

So last night Uptown and I were hanging out in the living room, I in my sweatpants and workout tank.. looking uber hot! So you know how sometimes you say something without even thinking? Like in the beginning of a new relationship you might blurt out "I love you" and you see that look of fear pass across the other person's face. That moment of "Holy crap.. what do I do? Do I lie and tell her what she wants to hear? Do I just ignore the fact that she just said that?" Sometimes we don't even realize it was a stupid thing to say until after the fact. Well last night I was telling Uptown that I needed to do my work out and he should find something else to do. I blurted out... so can you tell a difference? Can you tell I have lost weight? I saw the look. I watched it cross his face. It was agonizing! I knew in that moment he does not see a difference at all. I have been working out and sweating my ass off (or so I thought) and not eating all the foods I love (Hi Cake! I'm looking at you) in order to try to transform my body into this lithe strong sexy body. Apparently there is still a lot of thunder in my thighs, and loads of junk.. well you know where. Uptwon , being the sweet sensitive being that he is immediately noticed that I was horrified and said that he could see that my arms look great, and my stomach is getting tighter.. then he smiles.. as if that beautiful smile and those twinkling eyes could make me forget my jiggly ass. Sadly they couldn't. All I could think of was maybe I should step up my workouts to two a day, eat less, lift more weight. It has been FIVE WEEKS!!!!!!!!! I tossed and turned and it irritated me all night long. I woke up this morning and thought, "I'll stick to my nutrition plan, and I'll double my workouts when I have the energy." Maybe I'll take it easier on my off days. Lift more weights.. stick to the plan.. stick to the plan....
I am feeling a bit crushed.
more motivated and crushed.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am having a very hard time no eating lots of food today. I have that not really hungry, but NEED food craving! So lots of gum and a bite of crackers to get me through until my next meal. I did have chili with cornbread and it was very good! Still loving the P90X dvd's the yoga is incredible! I like the cardio as well. I need to as L if she has a leg video, and I would love to try the upper body, but I am afraid that I would tear the muscle that runs along my clavicle. I tend to pull this muscle easily.
ok off to make dinner for the family.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm hungry. ok that's not entirely true. I want junk food. I want to eat cake. I want pizza. The sad thing is that even though I eat these things on my free day I am not satisfied. Maybe that is something you should know about me. I am never satisfied.
In other news my smaller pants are starting to fit. I am noticing a difference and it feels good!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Plank Girl

So over at the BFL forum Chris posted a video of plank girl. I have a new idol. Seriously. Plank is one of my favorite yoga poses. I am not great at it, but I do enjoy the pain of it. I think my next favorite might be chaturanga dandasana. I just love yoga in general. Today my friend let me borrow the P90X yoga DVD and it is incredible. It was 90 minutes of intense yoga. I loved every second of it. (Ok I did curse at the screen a couple of times, but mainly because my balance is off) I am a bit out of practice, and my damn hip is so tight it is painful. Paxton ruined my flexibility. I don't know what happened, but I now have crazy tight adductor muscles ( I think this is the group) When I was pregnant with Pax I was fine.. after delivery? Sometimes it hurts to walk. Someday I'll go to the Dr.

Anyway PlankGirl.. I am in awe, and I plan to take plank pose a bit more seriously.

plank pose with 90 lbs on her back!

She has another video where she holds plank pose for 13 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!! I start shaking after a minute, and I thought I was a rockstar!

I'm off to bed. I am counting my chaturanga's as my upper body workout and I'm going to bed.

Week 5 day 1

So yesterday was my "free day" I didn't go crazy, but I have some chocolate raspberry cake that was amazing! I decided that even though I am not suppose to workout I would anyway. My friend let me borrow a P90X workout DVD and I am in love. It made me hurt in a good way. I'd like more please! All the kicks.... my butt likes! lol
I did write out a meal plan for this week. One of the recipes I am going to try is sweet potato chili. It doesn't call for tofu, but I'm adding it for some extra protein anyway.
I am also going to try to make a weight watchers meal... curried cauliflower with black beans. I am adding tofu to that too. yum!

I found some burger type patties at target that I am excited to try as well.

I am excited for week 5!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Week 1 Day 1

Week 4 Day 7 Free day
Week 4 BFL

Please don't pay attention to my face. These are always taken at the end of long days... with kids.. lots of kids.

Friday, February 5, 2010

early morning post

Just woke up and the kids are here. I wish I could get my lazy butt out of bed and do my exercises before they get here. If I could just get to sleep before 1 AM that might be attainable.
So I have been slacking a bit the past couple of days. I will sneak a cracker with PB here and there.. nothing that would add up to a meal, but just a tide me over. I am thinking I am doing myself a disfavor... so it needs to stop. I'm just hungry. Maybe I need to add a bit more to my meals? I am having a hard time with the nutrition aspect. Challenge indeed! So I got a phone call yesterday that I have 6 children signed up for yoga. I am a bit nervous, but hey I could use the workout right? So now I am working 7 days a week.
Starting my day off with a strawberry vanilla protein shake.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Upper Body

uuuuuggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! So apparently I have been slacking.. cause I think thisis what I should have been feeling for the past 3 weeks. I can barely type. I did a 30 min tae bo workout and an upper body workout. It was a great workout. I am tired.

My diet today was crap.
4 Eggs with FF cheese and a bit of salsa
protein shake
(maybe a bit too much)

apple with PB

rice with steamed veggies and veggie chick nuggets. 2tblsp peanut sauce (DIVINE) probably not authorized BFL, but it's yummy, and really minimal on rice.

I'm tired and going to bed.
Is anyone reading? lol
Has anyone that is doing the challenge found this tiny space?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 4 day 2

I am feeling a little slumpish. (I know that isn't really a word) I am seeing deifnition in my arms, but I am not seeing it anywhere else. I know it will come with the hard work, but I wish I were seeing more melt from my butt and hips, and thighs.

This morning I had a myoplex soy shake (chocolate powder, 1 cup of FF skim milk, and about 6 coffee cubes (frozen coffee in the ice cube tray) I took Pax to the eye Dr, and then took Parker into urgent care to have them remove her staples. I came home and did a 55 min Tae Bo workout. It had been 3 hours since I had eaten so hopefully I can start to pump up the loss by not eating so close to my workouts. We shall see. For lunch I am eating egg salad (2 hard boiled eggs, only one yolk, a tsp of FF mayo and a bit of mustard, on 2 slices of Sara Lee Multi grain low fat bread. I went to the womens weight lifting bible page that I linked on Sunday and in the calculations it said I should be eating 2100 calories a day. Now I can pack in 2100 calories, but it seems like that is too much. ? I think I will stick with 1600-1900 a day and if I am not getting the results I want I'll up a bit.

My clothes do feel better, but I am tired of the jiggle. I am ready for my nice firm ass please!