Wednesday, March 2, 2011

End of challenge 1

So yesterday marked the end of challenge #1 I am very happy with my results! So far I've lost 5 inches total! I have gone from barely being able to do 5 push ups to being able to complete 78 without modifying. I am able to do 7 chin ups. I can see my body getting stronger and feel it getting stronger. Challenge #2 started yesterday. I forgot to do measurements yesterday, but did them this AM.

Here is what we have

beginning                                     now
Bust    35                                       35

Chest  31 1/2                              31 1/2

Hips    39                                     37

Waist  29                                     28

Thigh   23 1/2                               22 1/2

Bicep   11                                    11 1/2

Calves  14                                    13 1/2

Pictures to come (as that is part of the challenge)

Off for some breakfast!


  1. Wow woman your impressive! I always follow your blog btw, I just never comment :) I can't wait to see pics, I'm more of a visual person ;-) Rebecca

  2. I'm impressed, too! I have been doing p90x, and before I started I couldn't do any kind of push-ups. Now I'm almost done, and I can do them, but on my knees. I still have a hard time with the pull-ups, though. Your numbers are inspiring to me!