Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Challenge (yes, again)

     It is that time of year again, when bikini season approaches, and there is still time to get that body I so desire. So yet again I take on another challenge. This time it is a 30 day shred challenge. Basically it is a "work out for 20 minutes a day for 30 days" challenge. I have a 3 month membership to a gym, so there should be no excuses for me to not be able to complete this challenge. While I am still attempting to train for a marathon that is coming up in April, this will be an added bonus. I will also be posting before pictures and measurements. Since there is only one or two readers on this blog I don't really care if you see my less than fabulous, made entirely by cookies, body. In fact I think it helps hold me more accountable if I post pictures. I've been using an app on my android phone that is a huge help (when I use it) with counting calories, and keeping track of what I eat. My fitness pal is easy to use. You can input your weight and how much you want to lose, gain, or maintain, then it gives you a calorie count for the day. You can choose your calorie count, or let it assign one depending on your goals. You can use the barcode scanner to enter your foods, or type them into a search box. As you enter in your foods it counts down your calories. I LOVE that it counts them down, for some reason this is so much easier for me. You can also enter in your exercise and it will update your calories. I've had a hard time trying to figure out how to manage running and exercising and how much I should be eating. This seems to make sense and help me keep track of how much I should be eating with my workouts. 
     On Thursday I have a meeting with a personal trainer for an introduction to the gym. I wonder if they will do a body fat analysis. I have never had one done, and I am very curious what my percentage is currently. So with new measurements, new pictures, and a new challenge I officially start my bikini season countdown.

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  1. Great way to stay accountable!!! Good Luck and you'll do awesome I'm sure :) I'm trying to do yoga and/or pilates 20mins every day..get that core in shape!