Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Before pictures

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Pictures? Done.


Bust = 35"
Chest = 31 1/2"
Hips = 39 "
Waist= 29"
*edited because I'm a mess. My hips are certainly NOT 29" lol*

Thigh = 23 1/2"

Bicep = 11"
Calves = 14"

OK so my goal is to lose a couple of inches off the hip and thigh area, and tone everywhere. I want definition.
The challenge starts on Jan 30th and goes to Feb 28th. I'm ready!


  1. You are fairly lean already! And major Kudos to you for putting the pics up! I'd never be that brave!! Go get 'em girl!!

  2. lol I can put up pictures cause you are the only person that reads this blog! lol Yeah I don't want to really lose too much, I really want to tone and firm a lot. I think I need more strength training. ok ok I KNOW I need more strength training.