Monday, February 21, 2011

18 miles

Yesterday Mel and I decided to do our long run of 18 miles. I took Paxton (almost 2 year old) in the double jogging stroller. I never really gave it much thought about the stroller and the distance. So we started on our run, and it felt great! We go to our halfway point and turned around and head back. we get to about mile 12-13 and I realize I hadn't really eaten anything. Luckily I had an apple and some crackers in the stroller. So we keep on trucking and realize it is getting pretty late, and dark. The sky started looking kind of ominous and it hit us, we were tired... really tired. Paxton started crying and it was getting colder. At around mile 14-15 we started speed walking. When we finally got back to our cars my knees were killing me!

What I learned? Eat before I run. Better time management. Do NOT bring a 2 year old in a stroller on a long run! DO NOT run out of ALEVE!

In other news my bodyrocking is going VERY well. I am LOVING the workouts! Today is my off day. Tomorrow I'm back to bodyrock if my knees will cooperate. Wish me luck!

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