Wednesday, October 20, 2010

6 mile run.. added hill bonus

We met today at 5:50, should have been 5:45 but I was late as usual. We had scheduled a 6 mile run and decided to run the sidewalk. Our usual 4 mile route has a couple of hills, and they aren't usually a big deal. We got to our two mile mark and looked ahead and realized it was a very large hill. We would have had to run down hill for a quarter mile then uphill for 3/4. Then turn around and go back. So we decided at the two mile mark to turn and head south. We came to the top of a small hill and started to run downhill then saw the hill coming up. We both knew we didn't have time to tackle that monster so we decided to turn and head west and make it a loop. So we crossed the street and started to run and then realized there was no sidewalk, and no real shoulder to speak of... so it was either run in the ditch, run in the street (in the dark), or turn around and go back. We chose option #3. So we headed back and at some point my hip dialed Uptown at 6:30 AM. Poor guy, I woke him up huffing and puffing. lol SO we headed back and hit another hill. It was good.. we pressed on and ran the entire thing. It turned out to be a FANTASTIC run! We dropped 3 minutes off our previous 6 mile time.. and that was on a flat route.
I am very happy with our progress and I think we should be ready to run the half in a couple of weeks. I DO need to start up with my BFL exercises again. The running is great, but my arms need more definition. I've tried on some wedding dresses and they look fantastic, but I want my arms to look great too! lol
What are your favorite cross training exercises? I do not have access to a gym, so they need to be home exercises. I do have some weights. (Hand weights)

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