Friday, October 22, 2010

Nervous making

Just checking out some races in Mo and came across the Go! St. Louis Marathon, and was reading all about it.. then came across this little gem...

Time Limit Rules:
The marathon course route re-opens to traffic at a rolling schedule according to a 6 hour marathon pace or (13:44 minutes per mile) beginning 25 minutes after the official race start.  The marathon finish line will officially close at 1:25pm. The time limit rules will be strictly enforced, so if you need clarification before registering, please call 314-727-0800.
  • There will be a pace leader leading a 6 hour, marathon pace or 3 hour half marathon pace (13:44 minutes/mile), after allowing an estimated 25 minutes for all participants to cross the start line.
  • Any Marathoner, Half Marathoner, or Marathon Relay participant who falls behind the pace after turning onto Olive Blvd (approximately 6 miles), prior to the Half Marathon Turnaround will be required to move to the sidewalk and obey all traffic signals. 
  • At the half marathon turn-a-round (approximately 9.5 miles), any Marathoner or Marathon Relay Participant, who is behind the pace, must either turn and complete the half marathon or get in the sag wagon.
  • Any marathoner, who turns at the half marathon turn-a-round and complete the half marathon, will receive finish line amenities (food, water, medical assistance if needed).
  • Any participant who does not complete the event in which they are registered will be listed as “Did Not Finish,” or “DNF.”  This list will be separate from the official results.
  • After the half marathon turn-a-round, course support (police, course monitors, and water stations) will not be available to marathoners or marathon relay teams who fall behind the 13:44 minute/mile pace. Anyone who falls behind the pace must get in the sag wagon.
  • Any marathoner, who does not complete the marathon within the time limit, will not receive a medal or finishing time.
  • Marathoners who only complete the Half Marathon will not be eligible for awards. 
While reading that I kept mistaking sag wagon for "SAD wagon" I thought OMG that's terrible that they are calling it the SAD wagon. lol I did think it was funny... but also thought there was a chance I would end up on that SAD wagon. So far we have averaged an 11 min mile on our long runs, that's with a potty break and stopping to take a drink..stopping to take pictures of a hot air ballon as it landed next to us on the trail. You know all those normal runner things that happen.

So while I would LOVE to sign up for this marathon.... I am hesitant. Will I be ready? What would Uptown say about me going to St. Louis? I think this run is close to the Olathe Marathon, and that probably just wouldn't work out. Not to mention I am not shitting gold nuggets, I can barely scrape together enough money to register for a local race, let alone travel to St. Louis. Situations change, and maybe come Jan or Feb I will be ready to travel for a race? In the meantime I am going to pour over running sites and read about the races in my area. Oh and look at running shoes. I'm almost due for a new pair. 

Pax is calling.. I have a cheesy broccoli, rice, kid to clean up.


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