Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clearing out the cobwebs

So it has been awhile. Uptown and I bought our house. I've started running again.
I have been running in the AM since the beginning of Sept. Ever since the move I have been able to run in the AM, without the double wide. As much as I love my girls, I am LOVING running without the stroller. I am  missing the hill workouts that I use to do, but the early morning runs are wonderful. Ok ok I'm usually cranky, and really tired at 5AM, but I shake it off quickly. It has been cooling down lately, and my legs are starting to freeze. So I am on the lookout for a nice pair of running pants.  In other news on our long run on Sunday as we were on our way back, somewhere around mile 5 or 6 we saw a hot air balloon. Then we realized it was landing. Not only was it landing... it was landing right next to us! Unfortunately my phone was tucked into my bra and was full of boob sweat and was all foggy... so my pictures are foggy. Regardless it was SUPER cool!

So far our longest run has been 9 miles. We have been paying attention a bit to our time, but I question if it is accurate. I want a Garmin... but all in good time. heh

2 Half marathons to sign up for in November.... a full to train for in April, and I really need to get my ass in gear and start cross training!

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite way to get some cross training in! I need help!


  1. Hi heather. Just started to follow you on DM and saw that you had a blog too! awesome. Love following fellow KC runner blogs.
    what races are you doing this November?

    I have had luck with the Nike tights over the cold weather days. i tend to prefer tights to pants and might wear shorts over if its super cold to keep the butt warmer. Mizuno also has Breath Thermo pants which seemed to be pretty good. I'm getting ready to pony up some cash for a pair of CW-X Insulated ones.

  2. I have no idea what pants/tights to get. I do like tighter fitting pants. It feels MUCH better when running if I don't feel the weight shake. lol
    I'm going to look up the ones you mentioned. The other thing I am looking for in pants is a pocket. I run in skirts, and I have a specific skirt I will wash every night just because they have compression shorts and a great pocket that holds my phone and car key.
    We are signing up for the Pilgrim Pacer and the Gobbler Grind. I'm nervous about running them, but excited. I know my pace will be slow, but I'll finish. Are you signing up for any races coming up? Thanks for reading.