Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 28

Workout log February 28:
P90X YogaX
My friend Becky came over and we did 90 minutes of yoga. Have I mentioned how much I love yoga? I have gained SO MUCH core strength from yoga. My arms are looking better and my legs are getting more defined. I took measurements and I've lost at least 2 pant sizes. I know I've lost at least 1 inch on my thighs. I took measurements when I started and I can't find the paper. I thought I posted my measurements, and I didn't. ugh. I know the puppies got hold of the paper and I think I threw it out. So now I go from the measurements I took the other day.

Bust 35
Chest 32
Waist 28 1/4
Hips (widest part) 37
Thigh (largest part) 22 1/2
Bicep 11
Calves 13

So hopefully I can look back in 4 weeks and see even more progress! I know my bust and chest won't change (hopefully not) and I'm actually really happy with my measurements.

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