Saturday, February 25, 2012

Preparation is the key to a successful diet.

Taking care of myself

     Friday I was hosting a party and didn't manage my time well. With all of this licensing, organizing, and party hosting I'm having difficulty with my time management. Some of this I will blame on this yucky head cold. Today I'm still feeling dizzy and a bit run down, but a that could have been the wine from last night. I was good last night and I made up a veggie tray with guacamole and hummus and some tortilla chips. Last year when I hosted parties I would make a 5 cheese pizza, plus serve chips, queso, and cookies. I always made the excuse of have friends over and taking a "night off." What I have found (even thought I'm still struggling with this) is that I ENJOY veggies, and I can be satiated with a veggie tray just as much as a bunch of fried, suger filled, non healthy foods(I still totally lust after them.) If this were a once a couple of months type of thing, I might make some treats, but a group of us get together weekly/biweekly and that's a lot of excuse making!

Friends keep me on track
    Another big thing that really helps is that almost all of the women I hang out with are eating healthy as well. Talk about a great support system. This group of women are amazing, strong, smart women that are all choosing to eat healthy and make a difference in how they fuel their bodies. My friends are doing a paleo diet, whereas I am doing Eat to Live. I have given up dairy and eggs and I have felt amazing! (other than the rancid sickness/head ilk) I'm not saying that I'm vegan, because I'm not up on all of my product ingredients, BUT basically I am trying to only eat things that grow naturally. I slip up sometimes when I give the kids graham crackers, but that is where preparation comes in to play.

     I've found that if I go shopping on Sunday and cut my veggies and have them ready to grab and go, or throw into a pan and cook I'm so much better about making dinner! If I make up a big fruit salad on Sunday I don't reach for junk food. It's amazing.. if I have a healthy option ready I'll make a better choice.  It really only takes about half an hour to prep my veggies for the week and actually I could probably get the fruit done as well. I'm going to suggest meal planning even though I don't do it. I tend to eat the same thing over and over, and my family hates everything that I cook, so meal planning is really hard for me. Some day I will take it on and maybe my family will actually like the food I make.

Food trends
       Even though I am (trying) to follow Eat to Live, I have cut out grains. I have steel cut oatmeal in the morning, then for the rest of the day I get my carbs from my fruits and beans. I have noticed a difference in how my stomach feels on the days that I do eat grains compared to when I do not eat grains. I know that being gluten free is a big trend right now, and I've hopped on the bandwagon! I'm not as careful as someone that has a gluten intolerance, but I am avoiding bread and obvious gluten products.. like cakes and cupcakes and cookies and all of those amazing yummy things. I will say that on my daughter's birthday that is coming up I will have cake. For my daily eating habits... no gluten. It has worked, I feel good. My stomach doesn't feel so bloated. Of course I'm gassy from beans, and broccoli, but I'm not holding onto bloat like I do when I eat a bunch of bread products.  Here is a article that gives a good breakdown on why people might want to consider going gluten free. It's not for everyone.

Do what works for you!
 You make your own choices that are right for you. That's what this is all about, figuring out how to best fuel... FUEL our bodies, not fill them. It has taken me so long to see the difference between the two! Now on the flip side of make your own choices, join up with someone that will hold you accountable. I know that checking in with my BFF Mel holds me accountable. If I have to tell her that on Thursday I barely had a vegetable and instead had a bunch of graham crackers and tortilla chips I feel like I failed. I'm embarrassed. It makes me want to succeed even more, so the next day I hit my reset button and start over. Sometimes I even reset in the middle of the day. I'll call and talk to Mel and I hear her talk about her lunch and it helps me reset (if I need to) and make better choices for the rest of the day. She really helps me, she's my rock! Love you Mel!

What do you do that works for you? I know that there are so many amazing ideas out there especially on pinterest! <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can see what I'm loving over there by clicking here.

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  1. I used to do a lot of food prep on Sundays, but I've really slipped out of it. I need to start up again. Thanks for the reminder!

    I find the same thing to be true about sweets. If I have fruit all ready to go, I'll eat it rather than chocolate or pastry. My kids are the same way when given the choice. They almost always choose fruit. However, if I have a pineapple sitting on the counter, fully intact, I'll eat the chocolate. If it's cut up, I'll eat the pineapple. People can be funny like that. So, I think you're right. Preparation is key.