Friday, April 30, 2010

Mama got a new pair of shoes!

Yesterday was a tempo run. 1 mile warm up and 3 miles at a 10min/mile run with a 1 mile cool down. It was super windy and my para sail like jogging stroller was really hard to run with when it was scooping all of the wind. Anyway.. so we decided to run the "track" (the road around the baseball and cricket fields, next to the soccer fields) clockwise. We typically run it counter clockwise. So when we switched our direction we realized there seemed to be bigger uphills. This is good for our practice, but it was not an "easy run". I finished and it felt good, but my legs were hurting. This is the first time my legs have really hurt. I was getting a cramp in my right calf and shin. I am chalking it up to a combination of my decade old shoes and running hills on Wed.
So I made the decision that I was going to go ahead and buy a new pair of running shoes. I figure if I am covering more than 5 miles a week than I should have a pair of shoes that have more support.
So I go to our local running store. I walk in with all three kids. Pax has a graham cracker to try to bribe her to cooperate. Gryphon is cranky, and Parker is ready to show everyone in the store her new dance moves. I asked all of them to PLEASE just be as quiet as possible and we could get out of there ASAP.
So at first Pax is content to sit next to me and look adorable. (I swear that girl is just like her Mama) Parker is asking if she can sit in the swivel chair and Gryphon is looking miserable. There is an older guy that greets me with a glance at the three children and a slight eye roll. I swear he was trying to look at his watch, but as it was about 8:30, and they close at 9, I am quite certain he knew exactly what time it was.
So he asks me to take my shoes off and walk down a black weird carpet thing. I walk down and back a couple of times and he says I have a slight overpronation. He goes and retrieves a couple of pairs of shoes and hands them off to another guy to help me. (First guy was in the middle of helping another woman). I try on a couple of pair of running shoes and at first I am loving the Asics, but the heel feels a little slippy, so I try the saucony's.  The guy says he can re lace the shoes to help with the heel slip. As he is tying the Asics Pax decides to run out of the store. I have to jump up and chase her out into the mall. I went back to the store and asked Gryphon to follow her around and let me finish. It was a very hard decision. I could tell the guys in there were tired of us being there so I decided to go with the Saucony's. Guy takes the box and goes to the register and then says "Ma'am your baby's diaper fell off." huh? what? really? I lift Paxton's skirt.. .bare ass. Sure enough the pee diaper (Thank all holy beings it was just pee) was lying right in front of the register. My face must have been all shades of red. It felt hot and I needed to leave immediately. Instead of just leaving and coming home and buying the shoes for half price, I paid and ran out of there as fast as my ten year old Nike's would take me.

I got home and wore them around the house. They feel ok, but I keep going back to the Asics. So this morning with some advice from my friend Maria, I called the 119th store , I was too embarrassed to call the ward parkway one after the diaper incident. The guy I spoke with was very helpful! He said that the Saucony was a shoe for a normal foot, not really for over pronation. He said of course you could run in them, but they don't help stop it. He also said that they are for high arches, which I do not have. So he said to come in to the store and bring the new shoes and my old ones so he could check them out and look at the wear. I am going in tonight to get another fitting and see if they suggest a different shoe. If they don't and he thinks that the Saucony is the right shoe then I am going to exchange the ones I have for pink and purple. I am a girly girl. lol

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