Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trial Run

Last night we did a trial run of the course. Uh it has a LOT more hills than I expected! I had both girls in the jogging stroller and it was rough.. so hopefully without the stroller it will be a lot better. I have my packet, complete with bib and chip! I will actually be timed! I am so excited and nervous! This is such a huge run, and even though I am not running it to win it I want to do my best. I am a little freaked out about not being allowed to have ipods! I am still going to bring mine.I have been running to Good Charlotte Little Things and it has such a good rhythm I can set a great pace!Uptown is hopefully going to be at the finish line to take pictures.

I am sad that my mom can't see me do this. She is on the East Coast and can't make it out here. I know she is sad as well. I don't think anyone else gets how important this is to me (Other than Maria and Jessica) My mom is my rock and I guess I am just nervous that Uptown is tired of hearing me talk about it. Poor guy has a couple of runs to get through before this gets old! lol I start training in May for a half marathon. Our first 10K is in June or July... I guess what is important is that I feel amazing! I have found something that I LOVE to do and I am super excited about it!

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