Thursday, April 1, 2010

Every little bit counts

So does walking around the zoo for 4 hours count as exercise? lol Yesterday we did just that. I had the double jogging stroller and has 5 children with me at the zoo. Jessica and Maria had their kids too. After the zoo I came home and was just exhausted. We skipped the run and I babysat 3 children. After they left I did a Jillian workout, and I couldn't move my arms last night after the workout. They were like limp noodles.

Today I took 4 children to a farm and walked around for 2 hours, then came home and did a C25K run with Jessica. We went to the trail and it was windy. I have a HUGE double jogging stroller (schwinn) and it acts like a sail. So this trail has some small hills and paired with the wind? It was a hard run. I am wondering if I have to do an extra week of week 4, or if I will be able to handle week 5. I am tired, not sore.. just tired. Diet still not great. cycle doesn't help.

off to bed.

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