Friday, April 30, 2010

Suicide Hill

Today's workout was a 2 mile run around Suicide Hill. We started at the park at the top and ran down to Oak St, then along Oak to 56th turned left onto 56th and picked up the trail and turned left onto brookside blvd (Trolley Trail) and then up the sidewalk along Suicide Hill. We did this for 4 laps. It was a tough run, but it felt amazing!
I also went into the other shoe store and got a whole new fitting! The Saucony were NOT the right shoe for me! I ended up getting a pair of Mizuno's and they feel AMAZING! I knew it as soon as I slid my foot into the shoe! I did ask if they had the in pink (lol) but as I needed a narrow shoe that one only came in the yellow, which I find funny. I ran in them tonight, and they felt so incredible! Tomorrow is an easy 2 mile run. Then Sunday is a 6 mile run. eeeek!

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