Tuesday, March 9, 2010

breathe baby breathe

Day three running. Last night I did the couch to 5K run/walk with all of the kids. The two little girls in the double jogger and the two older kids running ahead of me or laughing at me behind me. lol The first day I went with a friend of mine to a trail that would through the woods. It was really nice. When I ran with the kids (day two) we ran at a park that had a good terrain, lots of up and down. Tonight I went to another friends house and we ran around her neighborhood and it was KILLER. Uphill and Downhill the entire way. My lungs were begging for mercy. I actually sweat a bit.

Last night I came home and the whole family was here so we got dinner ready andd a Jillian workout at 11 PM

Tonight we did the 2 mile run/walk thing and I am planning on doing a jillian, but I have some slings to finish up.

I am feeling great! Maybe some pictures for week 8 soon.

Also Summer if you are reading.. how do you stop the burning lungs? I feel like my lungs are constricting. Is it just conditioning? Does anyone know?

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