Monday, March 29, 2010

Spaghetti arms!!!!!!!

Tonight I didn't get to do my C25K run. MY youngest daughter Pax turned ! on Friday and we had our family party tonight. SO I came home and did a P90X workout. Jessica let me borrow a couple of her videos and one was chest shoulders and triceps. um WOW! I'm weak! lol I did the whole video though. I prefer cardio to the strength training, but I NEED the strength training! I NEED the leg and butt workouts! My arms have a nice definition to them, my legs? not so much. I still have a good amount of jiggle in my trunk too.
Tomorrow is a C25K day. I think we are on week 4, yeah week 4. I am curious as to whether we will throw in some of week 2. Either way I am excited about tomorrow, I am loving the running!

OK I need to go to bed. The children get dropped off early!

Let's hope that I can pick them up tomorrow.

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