Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tangerine chipotle glazed tofu! mmmm

I had dinner at whole foods tonight.
Glazed tofu with quinoa and black beans, and a zucchini corn cake. Please realize that my 11 month old eats at least 1/4 of my food.

First et's talk about the glazed tofu.

HOLY TOFU!!!!!!! It was/is amazing! I bought a pound of it. I plan on eating it EVERY DAY! the glaze was a tangerine chipotle glaze. Oh it makes me sih a big heavy sigh and want to go heat some up. I need to learn how to cook. The guy at whole foods said it was Firm tofu marinated for about 3 hours then baked. I don't think I have ever baked tofu, you bet your ass I will be trying!
As for the workouts Jillian is using a lot of machines, and I have no machines! So I try to do the exercises without, and she is kicking my butt. Today was another pike crunch day. I love them and hate them! I really do love them, cause they make me hurt. I feel myself getting stronger.
Just a note to that one person that might be reading. No pictures on Sunday. I know it is week 8, but they won't happen until week 9. Due to cyclic problems.
Well it is midnight and the children get dropped off early!
I need to step up my diet and workouts!

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