Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Diet woes

I have not been on a nutritional diet. I have been eating cake and ice cream and tons of crap! Let me tell you that not only do I feel soft, but my workouts are HARD! HARD HARD HARD! They hurt, my breathing sucks, I am tired! I CAN NOT stress enough proper nutrition! OMg I have slipped and I am getting back on my "train" I am going to sit down and work out a meal plan for this week and next week. I have seen an amazing difference in my body and I have felt incredible, but this past week or two I have not been on my game, and I feel it.
Today I ran the C25K week 4 with my friend Maria. On Sunday I ran that plus half of week 2 and I felt amazing! The past two days I have eaten nothing but crap.. seriously.. half a cake, a bunch of cupcakes, peanut butter cookies, loaded veggie pasta and a huge chocolate dessert. I did throw an apple in there! lol

Uptown took us out to dinner tonight and it was wonderful. It was Uptown and I with the three girls, and we went to a nice restaurant and I overloaded myself.. I mean I feel like I am going to get sick overloaded. I came home and did Ab ripperX. I needed it. So today I did week 4 and ab ripper. It doesn't even begin to touch my intake, but it is better than doing nothing I guess. Tomorrow is a new day, I'm ready for it!
Wish me luck.. with my sugar addiction it's going to be like day 1 all over again.

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