Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The eyes have it!

I finally got off my butt last night and rolled out my yoga mat. I started in on yogaX and about 10 sun salutations in I rubbed my right eye, then my left. I noticed my eyes felt dry and like they were pink eye-ish. I didn't really care too much as I have some pink eye stuff left over from our last encounter. So I pressed on and finished all 90 minutes of yoga. Damn it felt good! My eye however did NOT. It felt funny and tight. So I took Pax from Uptown and went about shutting down the house for bedtime. Have I mentioned I do all of my workouts after 9 PM? I think I have. It makes for fantastic sleep. Anyway I walked upstairs and into the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my bedtime routine. I rounded the corner and I immediately looked at my eye to see how bad the pink eye was. OH HO it was NOT pink eye! My eyes were swollen! It looked awful! It was mostly the inside corners of my eyes, which made my nose swell a bit too. I looked quite funny!

I took some benedryl and them my tongue and throat went numb. I immediately started freaking out! I thought my throat was going to close and I was going to die in my sleep. (I'm a bit of a drama queen) I went to bed wondering if yoga mats had latex in them. I fell asleep very quickly because of the benedryl. I woke up and my eyes were really swollen, down to my cheekbones and up to my brow bones. I looked awful! Anyway I think my eyes are finally going back to normal. They still feel tight, but nothing like this morning!
 I know, my eyes look crossed and my nose looks funny. I guess I can't use this picture for my modeling application! lol

I had originally planned on doing yoga tonight, but decided to repeat day 1 of Jillian. I need to figure out the yoga mat thing, since I am teaching yoga on Saturdays. This could be a problem. On several different occasions my hands have gotten itchy and swollen, but it's not usually that bad. Maybe I should just not rub my eyes? Hopefully it will be ok until I get a new yoga mat. I'll have to add it to my wish list.
In other news which has nothing to do with working out, but it does directly effect it, Uptown and I are house hunting. I LOVE looking at houses. If I could choose a bunch of different professions I would choose to be a Realtor, a stylist, a chiropractor, masseuse and a personal trainer. Maybe someday I will go ahead and attain all of those goals. In the meantime I will just go to all of those that have already attained those goals.
Off to look at houses online and drool.

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