Friday, February 5, 2010

early morning post

Just woke up and the kids are here. I wish I could get my lazy butt out of bed and do my exercises before they get here. If I could just get to sleep before 1 AM that might be attainable.
So I have been slacking a bit the past couple of days. I will sneak a cracker with PB here and there.. nothing that would add up to a meal, but just a tide me over. I am thinking I am doing myself a disfavor... so it needs to stop. I'm just hungry. Maybe I need to add a bit more to my meals? I am having a hard time with the nutrition aspect. Challenge indeed! So I got a phone call yesterday that I have 6 children signed up for yoga. I am a bit nervous, but hey I could use the workout right? So now I am working 7 days a week.
Starting my day off with a strawberry vanilla protein shake.

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