Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm losing count

I have been a bad, bad girl. I have not been good with the diet side of my eight4 days. I have planned out some meals for this week coming up. I can feel a difference in my body and I am happy with my results so far. Today I picked up a pair of pants that usually I can just barely get into and they slid on and buttoned with ease. I was very excited about this. One thing I was not too excited about was that I bought a skirt not too long ago and I tried it on and it fell to the floor. So yay on I have lost weight and I am toning, but boo on my skirt not fitting. Double edged sword?  I'll find a seamstress. I can feel my abs getting stronger, and my arms are looking stronger, it's my butt. it looks a lot better, but there is still a lot of work to do. My friend L is letting me borrow her P90X, and I am excited about it. Her fiancee offered to "train" us and while I don't think she is up for that I would love someone to hold me accountable. I would like someone to bootcamp train me. I use to go to a body boot camp class and I LOVED it! Apparently it worked, cause I got pregnant shortly after that class. lol
Let me say that at L's house last night I weighed myself and the scale has not changed. I am happy that my clothes are fitting differently, cause otherwise I would be really upset. Nope not the case. Feeling good!

So yeah, I did day 9 of Jillian Michaels tonight and she is finding new ways of kicking my ass.. literally... one of the moves was Butt kicks... run and kick your own butt for one minute. Not so bad. Then came the pike crunches. I almost threw up. Seriously. basically it is plank position with an exercise ball. your legs are on the ball, you pull your hips up toward the ceiling and roll the ball toward your head, then roll back to plank.. all the while keeping your arms steady. YOW!!!!!!!!! only 25 and I wanted to vomit. I didn't, but it hurt!
The other move that hurt? I forget what they were called.. let's call them death lunges. So you start in a lunge position then you jump in the air and switch legs and land ready for another lunge.. immediately lunge and then jump and switch legs. I think we did 20 of those. Harder than they sound. Some of the moves require a machine. I could just see me now at the gym with my Jillian Michaels book and reading, in that nerdy way that I do, and trying to figure out those machines.
I once sat backwards on a machine and my friend M laughed so hard and loud that the entire gym saw me sitting backwards. It was a good day. lol I miss going to a gym, but Uptown and I are buying a house so we can get the whole family under one roof, all our money is going toward our house.
I taught my yoga class today. I am wishing I could teach adult classes, but I am not certified to teach adults. Maybe I should work on that? I love yoga!
ok Off to bed so I can get up and work with kids... at a Buddhist temple. I love my random jobs, all of which revolve around children.
nighty night

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