Monday, January 11, 2010

Day1 Week 1

Day1 Week 1
Breakfast: 3egg whites 1 egg with yolk scrambled topped with 1 tbl spoon cottage cheese and 1 tblsp salsa
handful of almonds
Romaine lettuce with almonds and soy chicken, ranch dressing. (need to remember to get some different dressing)
snack Apple with peanut butter
chili with black beans, kidney beans, carrots, salsa, zucchini, onions, green and yellow peppers, and corn. topped with a teaspoon of FF sour cream and slice of toast.
I got a late start to my morning, so I am going to have to cram in 6 meals.
Today is upper body.. and quite frankly.. I am not prepared. I need to get some weights. Maybe tonight after drop off I can swing by Target and pick up some weights.
I am thinking of re taking my pictures.. did I mention HORRID? Yeah they are bad! Truth hurts?


  1. You can use your body as resistance if you don't get the weights. push ups and tricep dips go a long way. vary your muscle groups by changing your hand positions when you do your push ups. You can get an entire upper budy workout without free weight one.

  2. i agree with summer. resistant training is sometimes the best thing, plus it helps stretch your muscles as well. post your pictures, maybe it will help hold you accountable?