Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 3 Day 7

Today was a free day. I did a 55 minute Billy workout, but I had a piece of chocolate raspberry cake that was DIVINE! I also had a hot pretzel and a med sierra mist, two small pieces of 5* pizza (very small)
I am so bloated it's crazy!
Excited to start Week 4!!!!!!!
I can see some definition in my arms(Did I mention I was blow drying my hair the other day (I had a tank top on) and I noticed in the mirror I had some definition in my arms. I was so excited! Seriously EXCITED!!!!!!), and my stomach feels tighter. I put on a pair of pants that are usually really hard to button. Now when I say hard to button I usually can button them, but I might shoot someones eye out across the room if I exhale hard enough. Typically I run to the bathroom and wet the thights and butt of my pants so that they will relax enough to fit the thunder and the wide parts. I didn't have to ask anyone to wear eye protection, and I didn't have to wet the thighs and butt! That is an accomplishment. So at the end of Week 4 I will post my before pictures (they are bad) and I will post week 4 pictures and measurements.
I think Uptown is also enjoying the challenge...  the more in shape I get the more I actually want sex, so another bonus!
So I have been reading the bodyforlifeforums and they have great advice and support! I also followed a link to a website for women body building tips...
The Female training bible
Lots of good tips!
I am still working on getting some more weights, as the three lb weights I am now using during my Full Throttle workout.
I saw a set at Walmart, but I am wondering if it is worth it. I wish I could join a gym, but I am broke.. beyond broke.
ok it's 1 AM and I have an early morning. I wish I could get to bed earlier, to get up earlier.. to maximize my workouts! ugh I HAVE to work on this!
Week 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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