Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Day

So Week 2 Day 7, it was my free day. ugh! I was liberal. I ate. I had a lemon cupcake with cream cheese frosting for breakfast, blueberry pancake and scrambled eggs for lunch, a small bite sized snickers bar, I made my knockoff 5* pizza (which was AMAZING) I had about half of the pie, and a small chocolate chip mint ice cream. I am vloated and feel gross. Bring on Week 3 Day 1 please. I have fallen behind on the last couple of days. I assure you I have been staying on track and my workouts make me feel wonderful. Tomorrow is an upper body workout, and I look forward to it. I plan to get up early and start doig morning workouts as it is suppose to be more effective. I usually do my workouts around 10:00 pm, as that is when everyone is usually asleep. 6am I am still a zombie, 10pm I am excited to work out. Tomorrow I will attempt a 6am workout. Wish me luck!
I am excited to weight myself. Before today I was feeling great! Now I feel full, and gross. I understand the point of a free day. Last sunday I ate a couple of extra things, but didn't over do it, today I did. I am waiting until Week 4 to take another set of pictures and weigh myself.

Soon I will make a date to shop for wedding dresses. My goal is to look like a rockstar in my wedding dress.

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